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Photo Credits and Acknowledgements

Portions of the background graphics on the "Home", "Products", and "Applications" pages contain original content combined with modified content from multiple National Institutes of Health sources, including the National Cancer Institute (photo credits: Dr. Cecil Fox and Bill Branson).

The image displayed in the software screen-capture on the "Products" page is from The Cell: An Image LibraryTM, Cell Image Library accession number: 7245, attribution: Hu, Chi-Kuo; Tim Mitchison Lab.

The "Fluorescence Microscopy" and "High Content Screening" images on the "Applications" page contain modified content from the National Cancer Institute (photo credits: Dr. Cecil Fox and Linda Bartlett, respectively).

"Mesa" image photo credit: Joe Bosworth.

Disclaimer: the use on this website of Public Domain images attributed to the third-party sources acknowledged above does not in any way imply endorsement by those sources of any product or service.

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