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Fluorescence Microscopy

Fluorescence Microscopy

Prometheus is an ideal tool for image analysis in cell biology. Multi-wavelength imaging experiments are interactively displayed and analyzed in a simple standards-based computing environment. And where your research is unique, Prometheus is flexible and easily customized for multiple users, novel applications, and protocols specific to your research.

High Content Screening/Drug Discovery

High Content Screening

Prometheus was designed with Drug Discovery and High Content Screening in mind, with multi-core speed and walk-away automation. Extensive customization tools optimize performance for your cell lines, for your measurements of interest, and of course for throughput. We support simple, standard data formats and interfaces, and we do advanced customization, too, so you can keep moving forward and getting results.



Prometheus is a general-purpose image analysis toolbox that can adapt to a multitude of different imaging applications, quantifying image features and replacing manual analysis and inspection with time-saving automation. Customization and automation let you scale your application to many more images and get better data. Let us know what you are working on and we'll show you how Prometheus can help.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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