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Prometheus is an image processing and analysis toolbox designed for open-ended customization to grow as your needs change.

Platform: Runs on both Mac and PC and you can interchange files, settings, scripts, etc. between the two systems.

Image display: Combine multi-channel images with interactive pan and zoom display.

Image processing and analysis: Filtering, feature enhancement, object detection, segmentation, and more.

Object measurement: Count, area, intensity, correlation, pixel statistics, and more.

Scripting: Standard PythonŽ scripting contained within the application, including script editing, history, and command line.

Customization: Customize multiple screen layouts, toolbars, scripts, and more, all within a multi-user environment.

Input and output: Both input and output of data in standard csv spreadsheet format and tiff image format.

Extension: Open-format standard interfaces mean you can always extend Prometheus to do more, and we're avaliable to create advanced customizations for your unique application.

More: Prometheus is capable of much more, so please ask us about specific features you're interested in.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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